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Foundations of Peptide Therapy COURSE

Discover How to Use Peptides for Enhanced Healing Health and Thriving

Be a Leader and Learn the Science and Application of Peptide Therapy For Safer, Faster Clinical Outcomes

Plus Get A Bonus Q & A Class with Dr Melissa and Dr Kent when you Enroll Today!

Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive deep into the science of peptides across six critical health domains taught by a global authority.

Practical Application

Understand the top 15 high-impact peptides and how to use them for enhanced physical and cognitive health, including immune and cognitive enhancers, gut health optimizers, and agents for weight loss, sleep, and performance.

Multiple Learning Tools

This course is delivered in an on-demand video class room format so you can view 24/7 and is accompanied by slide decks and a full peptide therapy guide book for reference.

What You'll Receive 

The Human Longevity Insitute delivers the most comprehensive training and certification programs so you can help your clients and patients live better, longer beginning today. The Foundation of Peptide Therapy training course introduces you to the world of small molecules. Get ready to discover how small amino acids can create powerful healing and health optimization outcomes in the body, naturally.

  • Online 5-hour course containing 7 lessons & 24 modules of multi-media education. 
    We cater to a mix of learning styles and schedules. You will enjoy 24/7 access to this on-demand virtual classroom experience complete with teaching videos, downloadable slide decks, and a text course guidebook. We give you exactly what you need to implement the information right away.
  • A clinical understanding and deep knowledge of peptide therapy. 
    Gain the confidence to know what peptides are, the benefits they offer, clinical and personal use and application as you learn foundational dosing and use guidelines.
  • Access to Trusted Peptide Sources. 
    Once you complete this training, you will be able to qualify to set up clinical accounts with our vetted partners to begin offering peptides to your clients. You will also qualify if you are a licensed doctor to get malpractice insurance that covers the use of peptides in your practice.
  • Access to private practitioner peptide community. 
    Connect, share and collaborate with fellow health practitioners to continue learning how to offer the best support and solutions to your clients.

Transform Your Practice and Elevate Client Health with Cutting-Edge Peptide Science

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, peptides stand out as a revolutionary tool, offering targeted solutions for a range of health concerns.

The “Foundations of Peptide Therapy” course, led by renowned peptide expert Dr. Kent Holtorf, is designed for health practitioners eager to pioneer in their field by harnessing the potent benefits of peptide therapy.

Plus Get A Bonus Q & A Class with Dr Melissa and Dr Kent when you Enroll Today! 

Course Curriculum


Become a specialist in peptides by enrolling into the Foundations of Peptide Therapy course today.

📢 Save 50% Off Enrollment For A Limited Time
Plus Get A Bonus Q & A Class with Dr Melissa and Dr Kent when you Enroll Today!⚠️

Dr. Melissa Petersen

Dr. Melissa Petersen is the founder of the Human Longevity Institute and a true pioneer in the field of longevity and human potential. With over 25 years of clinical experience and industry leadership, Dr. Melissa is a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, strategic advisor clinical educator, and host of the Human Longevity Podcast. She lives her mission with a biological age 13 years younger than her chronological age, she shares the science and proven solutions with experts and enthusiasts alike on how to slow down, stop and even reverse age to live better today for more vibrant tomorrows.
Dr. Kent Holtorf, M.D.

He is the medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group and a founder and director of the non-profit National Academy of Hypothyroidism (NAH). A sought-out leader and educator in the peptide sciences space who has lectured for prestigious medical societies across the United States and worldwide. He is a fellowship lecturer for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and was the Endocrinology Expert for AOL Health.
Dr. Leonard Pastrana - Guest Lecturer

He specializes in cellular optimization medicine. He is certified by the Academy of Anti-aging in peptide therapy and is also a fellow of the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute. Leonard’s mission is to help everyone optimize their mind, body, and soul. Leonard is the founder of NuBioAge Wellness Network a company designed to help other practitioners develop the protocols for their practices to optimize patient outcomes. He is also the chief formulator at NuLifeSpan a new start-up built by pharmacists with a focus on developing cutting-edge human optimization products

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