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Discover the Steps to Become a Longevity Leader Beginning Today!

Discover the Steps to Become a Longevity Leader and its Monetization Strategies Beginning Today!

Learn the Longevity Science, Systems and Solutions for Your Health & Wellness Business in Less Than an Hour!

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  • The immediate blue ocean opportunities in the longevity wellness marketplace for you
  • The process of aging and how it influences our health potential
  • The hallmarks of aging impacting the expression of health in the body
  • The powerful role of lifestyle Evidence-based age reversal lifestyle protocols that you can use beginning today 
  • Now, Near and Far longevity solutions coming to the health and consumer market
  • Consumer trends and how you can meet the demand in the marketplace
  • A business and marketing framework to scale your influence, income and impact

Plus, we’ll share our 35 page coaching guidebook complete with intake forms, assessments, 18 clinical biomarkers, consent forms, clinical flow, coaching checklist, coaching framework, session flow and 3-step business and marketing framework to support you beginning today.

Discover the opportunities for you and your clients as a longevity health and wellness leader.   

The research is clear...People ARE Living Longer...  
Yet Not Better 
The Way We Have Been Doing Things...


Aging is the root cause of dysfunction and dis-ease in the body. The science of longevity shows specific lifestyle interventions that slow down and even reverse the biological aging process for greater healing, health, and thriving at every age and stage of life.    

Meet Your Instructor,  
Dr. Melissa Petersen

Hi, and Welcome- I'm Dr. Melissa Petersen, the founder of the Human Longevity Institute.

We are sitting at an exciting time in human history. We are living longer, yet many would say, not better. But what if I were to tell you there is a new path forward?

The science is clear, we don't have to settle for a life of sickness and disease. We CAN compress the morbidity window, slow down and even reverse the biological aging process. We can now live more years free from sickness, and disease expressing greater health, vitality and wellbeing through applying the science and solutions of precision longevity.

Several years ago, I launched the Longevity Summit and wrote the best-selling book, the Codes of Longevity to discovered the desire from the consumer to learn what was possible in living longer and better was tremendous.  I also discovered there is a huge gap in the longevity marketplace between consumer desire and clinical solutions.    

This is why I'm excited and honored to bring to you the Precision Longevity Coach Certification Program.  The most complete, epigenetic complex systems clinical and coaching training that delivers research-backed age reversal protocols and solutions that will allow you to help more clients heal, thrive and live a long life optimized!  

Our faculty and students range from MD, DO, DC, NP,  ND, PharmD and Dentists to Biohackers, Therapists, Nutritionists, Fitness and Health Coaches.  Together in this integgrative community, we deliver the highest level training so you can lead the way with confidence and evidence based protocols so your clients can heal, thrive and live a long life optimized!

I am honored you are here and personally invite you to become a part of this in-demand specialty today. Together we can positively impact the lives of millions of people globally to more fully flourish and thrive by design to 120 and beyond.

In Limitless Expression,
Dr. Melissa

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